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We are the sum of our habits an d no habit is as pervasive as using your smartphone to fill idle moments. Luckily app developers and nonprofit organizations have found ways to turn those spare moments into opportunities for good. Let’s face it, most of us don’t have the time or the resources to make the changes in the world we want to see. But these apps allow us to support those who do in little ways every day.

If you have Google Wallet, PayPal, or the Amazon app, you are in luck. They have already built in a function that allows you to give to charity directly. Choose your cause and your donation amount and complete your good deed with a few swipes. But if you are looking for a more consistent way to support your favorite causes there are a few apps that will help you make giving part of your daily routine.

Share The Meal fights hunger through the United Nations World Food Program. With a tap of a button, you donate fifty cents which will feed a child for a day. Why not donate every time you eat out or buy coffee? Fifty cents isn’t a lot of money which makes giving regularly (perhaps daily) an easy task.

Another app that capitalizes on small daily donations is One Today, brought to you by Google. This app allows you to donate one dollar every day to the charities of your choice. The charities are vetted and Google absorbs the transaction fees. You can even set up daily alerts to remind you to give. This is a great way to make giving a habit.

If money is tight there are other ways that you can help raise funds for good causes. Charity Miles turns every mile you walk, run, or bike into a cash donation to the charity of your choice. They currently have over 40 great charities to choose from. Simply download the app, pick your cause, and start logging those miles. You can get fit and change the world.

For the selfie-queens and aspiring photographers among us, there is Donate a Photo from Johnson and Johnson. You simply upload a photo every day. For every photo, Johnson and Johnson will donate one dollar to charity. You are limited to one photo per day, but small deeds done consistently become habits and giving shouldn’t be an event, it should be a habit.