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Donating to charity is one of the best things you can do. Many people are in need of food, water, clothing, shelter, and other necessities, and donations are the easiest way to give to those in need. However, some people refuse to donate to charity for quite a few reasons. Today, I will take some of those reasons and explain why they are not good excuses to avoid giving back.

I don’t make enough money.

Giving back to your community is not about the amount you give, but the fact that you care enough to give. Many people who are struggling to make ends meet think they can’t donate. However, consider this: how often do you eat take-out? Do you buy coffee on the way to work every day? Cutting out even one small expense saves you money that you can then pass along to people who may not have the ability to work or eat every day. Anyone who makes money has enough to give, even if it is pennies.

I don’t know where my money will go.

While it is true that there are far too many organizations who pay executives before the people who need help, it is typically quite easy to find out which charities are legitimate. Try looking up “[the charity’s name] scam” on Google and you will quickly find all the information you need. Furthermore, if the cause itself sounds suspicious, try reading more information from third-party sources, such as news sites or scholars who study these problems. If there is no other information out there, you may want to consider donating to a different cause.

I don’t get anything out of it.

Anyone who believes donating gets them nothing should reevaluate their mindset. Donating can give you joy, just knowing that you have done something to save someone else. However, donating can also give you physical rewards as well. Many donations are tax-deductible (which should be stated on the charity’s website), which is a nice bonus come tax season. You can also donate to charities on crowdfunding websites, where there are often rewards dependent on how much you give. Finally, if you have thousands of dollars to donate, try looking into Charitybuzz, which auctions off once-in-a-lifetime experiences and gives all of the proceeds to charity.

I don’t know how to donate.

Today, there are many options for how you can donate. The most common way is online through a charity’s website. Still, many charities accept checks in the mail or phone donations. Even if you are uncomfortable entering your bank information online, there is still a way for you to donate.

Ultimately, every excuse for donating comes down to just that — an excuse. If you have any reservations about donating, I suggest researching solutions to your problem. You will find that any issue out there has a resolution. After reading this, I urge you to take out your wallet, research a charity you feel passionate about, and give.