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The duties of active philanthropists can differ depending on the cause they’re supporting and what their personal goals and beliefs are.  Some philanthropists stick to making regular donations, while others actively volunteer to help those in need. Another great way to exercise your philanthropic efforts is to organize or assist in organizing a fundraising event for a cause that has meaning to you.  Today, we see many different types of fundraising events, from online “GoFundMe” pages to extravagant galas that donate all proceeds to a specific cause. If you’re looking for a great way to raise money and awareness for a cause that means a lot to you, follow some of these short steps to organizing a successful fundraising event.   

Find a Purpose

Before anything else is planned, you’ll need to decide what purpose you want your event to focus on.  Whether you’re looking to strictly raise money, raise awareness, network, or a combination of everything; you’ll want to make sure your purpose is clear, so you know where exactly to focus your efforts.  Fundraising events can serve multiple purposes if needed.  Find out what works best for your cause and mission.

Set a Goal

Once you’ve figured out the purpose of your event, you’ll need to set the goal of your fundraiser.  This will likely be based on the specific amount of money you want to raise for your cause. Setting a goal helps attendees and those making a donation know what you’re trying to reach.  Generally,. The amount you set should be what you hope to net, after the deduction of expenses.

Create a Financial Plan & Expense Budget

Fundraising events should always have a complete budget listing of any expenses that would be required to hold the event; generally, this can vary depending on where you’re holding the event, it’s size, and staff, catering, and entertainment expenses, to mention a few.  As previously mentioned, your budget should be based on your overall fundraising goal, so you can account for exactly what you want to raise for your cause. Additionally, it’s always wise to leave a little extra budget room for any unexpected or unforeseen costs.

Hosting Committee and Sponsors

The hosting committee and sponsors of your event are crucial for its success as they’re usually major contributors, as well as acting representatives of your cause and helping reach your goal.  Their donations and support efforts usually help encourage others to attend and contribute to your overall goal.

Incorporate Mobile

We’re living in the technology age, and although fundraising events are a classic way to gain contributions and raise awareness to your cause, it’s always helpful to utilize the internet and mobile platforms.  Make it easy for contributors to donate by setting up a mobile fundraising platform. This will not only make it easy for attendees to make their contributions, but it will also make it easy for your to keep track of donations and your progress to your goal.