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Many people possess charitable instincts and yearn to help those less fortunate than themselves. However, not everyone has a significant amount of money to donate. Fortunately, however, individuals operating on a budget still may be able to support benevolent causes by adhering to the following suggestions:

Identify Individually-Important Causes

Persons beholden to financial constraints can participate in charitable donations provided they offer tidings to individually-driven causes. For example, someone touched by cancer might opt to donate to any number of organizations that provide scientific research towards identifying a cure or services to individuals stricken with the disease.

Make Sacrifices

People living on budgets who truly yearn to levy charitable endeavors might have to execute personal financial sacrifices. Perhaps such individuals might forego money originally designed for a luxury item or a vacation.

Explore the Possibility of Matching Donations

Some employers might have established programs in which such entities match charitable contributions made by employees.

Promote a Specific Charity

Public support for a specific charity can prove just as valuable as a small donation. The leaders of many charitable organizations understand that, while funds are critical, every little effort concerned individuals make can help educate the uninformed about their entity’s mission and raise public awareness. Greater public awareness often yields greater charitable coffers over the long haul.

Establish a Charity Account

Those serious about making benevolent contributions could open up a savings account strictly for charitable contributions. Funds can be added to this account whenever the donator possesses the spare resources to do so.

Engage in Other Benevolent Activities

Those who simply cannot afford to donate funds are encouraged to partake in other benevolent actions. Non-profit organizations appreciate people who volunteer. Giving of one’s time can be just as valuable as money. Oftentimes, such entities do not operate on boundless budgets either and might not accomplish certain critical tasks without the help of volunteers.

Donate Whatever Possible

Charitable organizations are sympathetic to individual plights by nature. Ergo, said agencies are more than likely to appreciate those with limited donating capabilities. Large donations given by wealthier patrons often make the headlines. However, the one dollar gifts here and five dollar gifts there offered by thousands, if not millions of hard-working people have a tendency to truly add up.