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We’ve discussed many different topics surrounding philanthropy, charity, and why it’s important.  One of the many reasons why people may hesitate to give back to a charity or other organization can be due to their own financial health.  Are they making enough money to give back to others? Do you need to be financially sound and comfortable to contribute? Is donating only for those that are wealthy?  These are often questions that someone who wants to start donating, but isn’t sure if they can, may think. However, it’s safe to say that not every active philanthropist or contributor is wealthy.  In fact, many people living on a budget work their donations or preferred charities into their everyday budget. Here are a few tips to donating but remaining within your budget. 

Raise Funds 

If your financial budget is too tight to work in a set amount of donations, you can always make a difference by trying to raise funds for a charity or cause of your choice.  Being an organizer is a large part of being an active philanthropist, and giving back doesn’t always have to come from contributing money. Use platforms such as social media to partner with a charity of your choice, and ask those in your life to contribute with a small donation, or even a “share” to raise awareness.  If you would like to be even more involved, start your own small fundraiser, and contribute what is earned to an organization or individual that means something to you! 

Set Money Aside

Even on a budget, donating is possible.  Your budget should reflect things you need to pay for or contribute to regularly.  If you want to make monetary donations, you can work this into your budget as it’s own category.  Set aside a small amount every month, or quarterly. This will keep things organized, and your donations won’t seem like so much of an extra expense. 

Any Amount Helps 

Always keep in mind that donations don’t have to be large to make an impact!  Your financial health is just as important, so do only what you can. Small amounts here and there are still valuable contributions and work towards helping others in need.  Don’t hesitate to make donations because you feel like your contribution is too small. In the end, any amount helps! 

Donate Time 

As previously mentioned, your financial health is just as important, and sometimes, making a monetary donation just doesn’t fit into your budget.  With that said, if you’re still trying to find a valuable way to give back to others, consider donating your time!  Volunteering is a great way to contribute, help others, and not break the bank or hurt your financial health.  And, if you would like to make monetary donations later down the line, you can do that as well! Find local, or large organizations that need volunteers!