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Everyone talks about leaving an impact on the world or helping others change their lives, but only a few manage to. People try to do things too big right off the gate. A simpler and equally powerful way of achieving these plenteous deeds is through volunteerism. Here are five great places that are always in need of volunteers and whose work is helping many people and causes.

Animal Shelters

Many local shelters run on donations and funding from private sources. Their limited budget requires them to take on volunteers to keep operations running. As a volunteer at an animal shelter, you’ll learn about animals, including behavioral training. You’ll also be able to work on your communication and administrative skills, such as answering phone calls and emails. You’ll even be playing with and walking dogs and cats, which can help you stay active.

National Parks

Volunteering at a national park doesn’t just involve picking up garbage that visitors leave behind. There are several opportunities for you to explore at a National Park if you enjoy history, nature, or both. For instance, in New York, you have the Roosevelt Vanderbilt National Historic Site. In San Francisco, you have the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. An excellent way to find out where the nearest national park is in your area is to check out your state’s official website.

Local Library

If you’re a bookworm and have extra time, it is an excellent place to volunteer at the local library. In today’s internet-driven world, libraries remain a vital source of information within communities. Volunteers can expect to help in organizing adult literacy programs and children’s workshops while also working on administrative tasks, including organizing books, answering the phone and in-person inquiries, and handling check-outs.


You don’t have to be a history buff to volunteer at a museum. Those eager to learn a thing or two about culture, art, and history will find a volunteer position at a museum. Some days you’ll spend moving the art pieces around based on shifting curations and other days you’ll be helping visitors find specified installments.

Volunteer work isn’t just beneficial to the organizations that receive your help; it can also be a physically, mentally, and spiritually enriching experience for you.