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Anyone who is passionate about a cause knows that there are not enough people in the world helping to support charities that really need help. Whether it is a local homeless shelter or a foundation researching the cure for cancer, both need more donations and more volunteers. Working with a charity you know is struggling is hard to watch, but there is a solution. You can spread awareness about the charity in a multitude of ways, starting with…

Social Media Posts

How many friends do you have on Facebook? The people you are connected with online are following you because they care about you and what you are doing. There is no better place to find people who are willing to listen to you than on your social media profiles, so try posting about your charity. You can mention the work they do, what donations go toward, where to donate, and ways to volunteer, if there are any.

Connect With Your Coworkers

If you get along with people at work, this is a great opportunity to drum up support for your cause. Check with your manager and see if there is any way you can fundraise through work or send an email out asking for donations. You will probably have the best success if you host a bake sale or similar food-based drive, as people look for any excuse to buy food instead of packing lunch again.

Community Outreach

Everyone is part of a community, simply by their location. However, community can extend far beyond your physical residence. Maybe you frequent a small grocery store or you go to church down the block. Your kids could participate in sports leagues, or you are part of the PTA. Any of these places are a part of your community, and your community is a fantastic place to spread awareness about a cause.

Depending on which part of your community you are reaching out to, you should consider approaching the subject differently. For example, you could post signs at the grocery store, but you would probably want to take a more personal approach at church. The parents of your kids’ teammates and those at the PTA meetings are going to be a harder sell, so tread lightly. After all, they may not have the time or energy to discuss something important. Keep in mind the audience you’re reaching and change your tactics accordingly.

No matter which way you choose, you will surely find someone who is willing to help support your cause. If you truly want to spread awareness, keep an eye out for openings where you can talk about the charity to a new group of people, and don’t be afraid to reach out more than once. Just make sure your approach is appropriate and you will be well on your way to helping those who need it.