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The concept of doing volunteer work has changed dramatically over the last decade or so. In the past, volunteer work was associated with helping out at homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and other forms of charitable work. Although these opportunities are still available, there are a host of different ways to volunteer. We live in the digital age, and the options for volunteering have changed with the times. Nowadays, you can find fulfillment in doing volunteer work that suits your unique set of skills, and you can do it virtually.

A Sign of the Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions of people who never thought they would work from home to do just that. As a consequence, more people are getting used to the idea, and many prefer working from home. This has made it much easier for non-profit organizations to set up virtual work for their volunteers. Their volunteers can work from home on their computers, tablets, or smartphones without having to be at the physical site of the organization. This means that, although the organization is located in one state or city, the volunteers could be found in another state or city.

Kinds of Virtual Volunteering

People who work as virtual volunteers are also known as “digital volunteers,” “e-volunteers,” and “cyber-volunteers.” Due to the nature of the work, those who are skilled in web design, app development, graphic design, and other tech-related fields find it much easier volunteering from home. Many professionals in these fields often work from home anyway, and many have their online businesses. Email marketers, bloggers, video creators, and marketers now have the opportunity to help their favorite causes without leaving their residences.

You could help with fundraising efforts for your favorite charities or causes from the comfort of your home now. The shift towards the internet is only gaining in momentum, and virtual volunteer positions are now plentiful. The COVID-19 pandemic has hastened this shift. Virtual volunteering became necessary to keep the economy going, connect people with mental health resources, and alleviate social isolation. New technologies and applications have made it easier to conduct conference calls, collaborate, and manage online teams.

To find current opportunities to volunteer virtually, use well-established databases like the American Red Cross website, Points of Light,, and These are just examples; you will find many more by conducting a simple web search.