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Since college students tend to earn little money, it can be difficult to get them involved in charitable organizations. College students are capable of donating both money and time to help with nonprofit efforts. These are some of the ways to get college students to help out.


Universities have a multitude of student-run groups that compete against one another for a good cause. These groups can be interest-based or academic. Some colleges even like to get different classes to compete to see who can raise the most money or collect more items to donate. Nonprofit organizations can reach out to individual student groups, the volunteer coordinator, or a residence life coordinator to get started.

Greek Organizations

University sororities and fraternities often have requirements for charitable giving, both monetarily and for volunteer hours. Although some Greek organizations might already have a national philanthropic cause, other organizations may not. Any Greek organization may be open to multiple charities to help their members meet their philanthropic requirements. Nonprofit organizations can meet with sororities and fraternities about becoming a philanthropic partner for the Greek organization or sponsoring a specific event that relates to the charitable work they already do.

Student Leadership Committees

Nonprofits can help students get the leadership and resume-building experience they need while getting more students to donate by including them on an event leadership planning committee. Universities have career centers that post opportunities for internships and volunteer positions that nonprofits can utilize. By giving students a stake in the outcome, charities can motivate students to get involved. Students also use their contacts with other students to raise money or get their friends to volunteer. Nonprofits can also leverage the social media presence of students to spread information about their cause and get more students to donate.


Even simple and low-cost incentives can encourage student involvement in a charitable organization. Including snacks and pizza for volunteers at events or volunteer training can incentivize student attendance. For larger events or festivals, nonprofit organizations can provide free tickets to the events or merchandise.

Involvement with a good cause helps the organization and allows students to improve their resume, meet extracurricular or academic volunteer hours and expand their skills by donating time and money to charity. These tips can get help nonprofits to reach out to college students and get them to donate.