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How Has the Internet Impacted Charity and Fundraising?

Technology and the internet have changed multiple industries across the board.  From finance to healthcare, technology has made many processes more efficient and easy to accomplish.  In the world of philanthropy and charity, technology has had a significant impact, especially with the use of the internet and social media.  Avid users of social media are now accustomed to seeing charitable platforms, such as GoFundMe, to raise money for people in need, as well as social platforms themselves; allowing users to make donations to any organization of their choice.  So, what are some of the major ways technology and the internet have impacted the world of charity and fundraising?  

Increased Exposure 

With social media being such a large part of the internet and the way we use it every day, it’s extremely easy to increase awareness and gain exposure to a cause in need; whether it is a charitable organization or an individual that needs the help of others.  The power of the internet, and social media gives charitable platforms a way to reach the masses on a grand scale, and build exposure for a good cause. Word of mouth and traditional forms of advertising aren’t the only ways for organizations to gain exposure!  

Donating With Ease 

Much like increasing awareness and exposure, the internet has also improved the process of making donations.  Consider platforms such as GoFundMe,, or any other charitable organization that can be accessed through social media platforms.  With just one post, an individual or an organization can reach its audience, and make the donation process seamless for those that want to contribute.  Users generally just need to find the organization they want to donate to, and with a few clicks, they can make donations directly from their bank accounts.  Additionally, many social media users have taken to their personal profiles to ask others for donations to causes that mean something to them. It gives not only the user but their friends and followers a chance to give back almost instantly. 

Low Costs 

The internet and technology, in general, have provided philanthropists and charitable organizations with a low-cost way to reach out to others and gain funds for their causes.  Prior to the internet being used for charitable purposes, organizations would have to spend a considerable amount of money on traditional forms of advertising, and other forms of campaigning to raise awareness for their causes.  With the power of the internet, social media, and different apps, these costs have drastically decreased. Of course, there are still costs with online advertising and app development, but they are often significantly reduced with the use of technology.