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Fundraising shifts have been occurring over the last few years, according to Chronicle of Philanthropy Association of Fundraising. As 2020 approaches, development departments across nonprofits are gearing up to raise funds for great causes, while trying to implement workplace shifts and fundraising strategies that speak to today’s current climate.

Why a Shift is Needed in Fundraising

Recent studies have shown that almost 20% of fundraisers leave their position every 16 to 18 months, causing a huge financial backlash on their former employer. For example, with the loss of each development staff team member, a nonprofit could lose hundreds of thousands of dollars. Additionally, a recent survey demonstrated that 51% of fundraisers are planning to leave their jobs within the next couple of years, 55% are feeling unappreciated, 30% are looking forward to an exciting development altogether, and 21% believe that the negative aspects of the job are greater than the good.

Creating a Better Environment

Many fundraisers would like to see an improved workplace culture, which includes increased flexibility. Because of the nature of the work, grant writers would like to be able to work remotely some days per week. Major gift officers would also like their working hours to be more flexible as well as they spend many hours outside of the office with potential funders. Overall, fundraisers are also requesting that more paid time off and paid family leave be included in their employee benefits.

Influx of Donating in This Political Climate

With the 2020 election rapidly approaching, fundraisers are preparing for the surge of recurring subscription initiations in the following sectors: advocacy, civil rights, social action and more. Also, studies show that those who sign up around this time are more likely to be long-term donors for causes of their choice.

Transparency and Sustainable Impact

Even though nonprofits have been trying to improve their level of transparency with their employees, donors and supporters, the current climate calls for more transparency, innovation and impact. Today’s donors want to know the organizations which they support are playing an important role in global effectiveness. In addition, most donors are not interested in simply writing a check; they want to be involved in creating greater solutions through volunteerism and other efforts.