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This year brought many unexpected changes and continues to be unpredictable. As a result of massive unemployment and unique remote work situations, businesses and organizations have stalled traditions and routines. Volunteerism sharply declined due to social distancing and companies turning inward instead of extending a hand to the local community. Despite challenging circumstances, there are still plenty of ways your company can volunteer this holiday season.

Collect Food Donations

Needy families need food all year round, and this year has proven to be more difficult for many communities. Organize a food drive to help local families in need. Make this a fun competition and see who can create the most meals by donating the necessary ingredients. Link up with local food banks or organize a drive-through food pick up in your parking lot or town square.

Organize Toy Drives

Children often suffer the most during the holiday season. It is challenging to be full of joy when there are no presents and no new clothes to enjoy. With the high rates of unemployment, many families are experiencing severe financial straits. As a result, they are forced to choose between paying rent and utilities or purchasing holiday gifts for their children. Adopting a family is an excellent way for corporations to get involved and volunteer.

Closet Cleaning Parties

Local communities often have a homeless population that suffers from cold temperatures during the holiday season. Your company can help by donating new or gently used clothing through local charity organizations. Coats, scarves, socks, and sturdy shoes are always welcomed. Low-income families can also purchase or receive free clothing from local charity retail outlets.

Remember Pets in Need

A fun and exciting way to spend the holiday season is by volunteering at pet shelters. Many pets are rounded up off the Winter season streets and often spend untold months at local shelters. Most of these shelters are overpopulated and woefully understaffed. They are in constant need of resources such as pet food, kitty litter, leashes, shampoos, and other pet hygiene items. Organize a pet party for your office and volunteer to outfit some lucky animals with full bowls and warm blankets. You can even walk the animals while the shelter staff enjoys a holiday party of their own.